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What Is Cryptosuite?

CryptoSuite automates all the manual processes seasoned crypto experts do manually by putting all the tools you need in one place and providing you with the winning coins daily based on live stats .

What Can Cryptosuite Do?

  • Picks the winning coins daily from live stats

By giving you live data on the fastest growing coins CryptoSuite takes the guess work away. 

  • Notifications on when to invest in the hottest coins.

You can choose to receive Email notifications every time a new coin is about to explode so you can get in early  

  • Individual coin alerts.

Receive live alerts so you know when to buy or sell your coins by setting up your buy and sell perimeters. 

  • Displays all the currencies in the world

Allowing you to not only see, but understand what they all do and which ones to invest in. No other tool makes it this simple.

  • Full history and information on all cryptocurrencies

Displaying past history and future potential with live data on there progress.

  • Track your profits instantly 

CryptoSuite has an inbuilt portfolio allowing you to track all your profits and current portfolio worth.  

Is There Any Training Provided?

Yes, there is a full hand held training series thats newbie friendly covering the a-z of cryptocurrencies including how to open a wallet for free, buy coins, trade and how to pick winners constantly.

Will There Be Support After purchasing CryptoSuite?

Not only will there be 24/7 Monday –  Sunday support you will also have access to a VIP CryptoSuite Group where you will be able to contact many likeminded members including Luke Maguire himself.

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How To Buy CryptoSuite.

CryptoSuite is available as a monthly fee of $37 or $247 yearly for launch week 11th – 15th April with prices increasing to $57 Monthly or $297 Yearly. (But remember when you buy through you can save up to 50% on these prices every single month !!)

What Bonuses Are Available?

  1. VIP Crypto Success Course
  2. CoinPeak Module
  3. Arbitrage Module 
  4. Unlimited Coin Alert Emails
  5. VIP Facebook Group

Only available launch week 11th-15th April


14 Day money back guarantee for full details visit

What Discount Are Available For CryptoSuite?

Currently there are no coupons available however by simply registering for a cheeprr account you will be earning to up to 50% Real Cash Back In Your Pocket Every Single Month .

Platinum Member  50% Savings 
Gold Member   25% Savings
Bronze Member 10% Saving

In order to purchase this product Cheeprr you need to to be a member.



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